About Mrs. P.

I am a 6th year elementary school teacher. I have only ever taught 5th grade, and am learning to love it more and more as each year passes. A passion for reading and writing was reignited in me (after many years) when I discovered I was to start teaching only language arts classes. I figured that I should practice what I preach and began reading more, and, thanks to my blog, writing more. Now I love to read and hope to instill the same zeal for reading in my students. I am so enthusiastic about teaching and I spend a great deal of my free time researching best practices and seeking out innovative ideas that I feel will help my students become more passionate about learning. I, like most teachers, am constantly aiming to improve upon my skills and hope that this blog will serve as a way to share my thoughts and ideas with others, as well as hear what others have to say. Enjoy!


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