Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Monday! What are you Reading?3/1912

It's Monday! What are you Reading? From Picture books to YA is a meme hosted by Jen and Kellee at TeachMentorTexts. Hop on over to their blog to see what others are reading this week!

The picture books: 
The Lion's Share
The Lion's Share: A Tale of Cake and Eating It, Too by Matthew McElligott
Memiors of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian and Illustrated by Tim Bowers

Chapter Book:

Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt
Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt is a follow-up novel (or in his words "a companion novel") to The Wednesday Wars. Both books take place during the Vietnam War, but feature different main characters. (One does not necessarily have to have read one before the other, but it helps for some background on Okay for Now's main character.) In this novel, the main character is Doug Swieteck. You may remember him as Holling's ill-mannered, trouble making (can we call him a friend?) classmate. Holling makes a cameo in the beginning, but shortly thereafter Doug and his family relocate to a new town.  What I really loved about this novel was the inside view we get of Doug's home life. Let's just say it is far from desirable and, in my opinion, it really makes Holling's life seem like a walk in the park. The story moves through Doug's first year in a new town, a new school, and even a new job. As you can imagine, it is not an easy acclimation. But, by the end of chapter one, you will come over to (and stay on) Doug's team.

Where The Wednesday Wars made references to Shakespeare, Okay for Now revolves around several paintings by John James Audubon. I have to admit, I think I liked it more than its predecessor. Schmidt tugs at your heartstrings (and your funny bone) throughout the novel. I think students will enjoy this as a read aloud, although it may be more appropriate for grades six and up.

Watch this video to hear Gary D. Schmidt talking more about Okay for Now


  1. Okay for Now is definitely on my list to read. I might just pick up the audio. Here is my list

  2. The Lion's Share looks great! I like the cover and the "halving" your cake is funny!

    Can I take a second to gush over Okay For Now!?! I love that book. I really think it should have won at least a Newbery Honor this year. I love Doug's story. I have been using Okay For Now as a mentor text with two of my middle schoolers. I keep going back to it for different things. I love it. I have a student reading Wenesday Wars right now so maybe she'll read Okay For Now next. I love it!