Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An Exciting Opportunity!

I got some great news a few weeks ago. I can hardly contain myself! I just hope the kiddos find it as fascinating as I do!

Are you ready?????????

Our school is planning to host a Webinar with child author (and prodigy) Adora Svitak!!!

Ok, ok, ok...some of you may be thinking what I was at first: "Who?"

I am not too proud to admit that I wasn't sure who she was at first. However, I immediately began to research and was blown away. Adora Svitak began writing when she was very young, and published her first book at the age of seven! She also began reading chapter books at age three! She has written books meant to inspire other young writers which are full of her own short stories, poems, and writing tips. In addition to her writing, Adora also spends time teaching children about writing. She accomplishes this through school visits and webinars...which is what we will be doing!

Check out the video above of Adora talking about her reading and writing life (I love how well spoken she is!)

The Webinars will take place over the course several weeks. All fourth and fifth grade students will participate. There will be four one-hour sessions. Each homeroom will have the opportunity to Skype with Adora while the other students participate via livestreaming chat. The homerooms will rotate turns talking to Adora using Skype. Each week, Adora will be presenting the steps to write a short story. The students will be given an assignment to work on each week so that they are prepared for the next week's lesson.

I am very curious to observe how the students react to someone so close to their age who has accomplished so much. I truly hope it will be a motivating and inspiring experience. I am also interested to see how they perform on assignments given to them by a peer rather than a traditional adult teacher. Something tells me they might pull out all the stops to impress Adora!

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