Friday, October 7, 2011

Getting Crafty!

In an effort to theme-ify my room, I thought I would get a little crafty this year and make some things to add to my décor. I was really sick of looking at the ugly brown magazine holders we are given at my school so I thought I would improve those first. I went to Ikea and bought these great blank,white, magazine holders...perfect canvas to for creativity! Then , I started searching the net for ideas on how to go about decorating them! I found this idea (which I improvised a little) on a great blog called Not Just Paper and Glue.  

Here are my materials:

In her post, she doesn't really say what she used to glue the paper onto the holders...I used mounting glue. I also highly suggest working outside (hello happy fumes) and covering your work area with a trash bag or some other material you don't care about. Also, make sure your "drape" is secure. Nothing worse than a freshly painted project being swept into the grass by the wind...

First, I sprayed each holder. This was tricky. If I sprayed too much, they had drip marks. If I didn't spray enough, they looked blotchy. It took a few tries, but I eventually got the hang of it.

Next, I let them dry overnight (which really stunk up my house something wicked). I cut pieces of scrapbook paper to fit along the spine of each holder. Then, I sprayed the mounting glue to the paper and carefully placed it onto the magazine holder. 

Voila! Here is a picture of the (almost) finished project. **I still need to add labels so I know what is IN them.**

Afterwards I was feeling very bold, so I had another thought...

Pencil holders!

I decided to use some recycled cans to hold my “Broken” and “Sharpened” pencils in my class.
(The kids in my room trade out a broken/dull pencil for a sharp one instead of sharpening their pencils...this reduces the amount of time they are out of their seat, as well as distractions.)
I basically used the same process, but with cans: paint, dry overnight, adhere a strip of scrapbook paper with with mounting glue. The mounting glue didn't work as well on the cans, so I ended up taping them. Finish them off with some labels and you have some lovely (and very green!) pencil holders!

What are some things you have created for your classrooms?


  1. oh, just gorgeous! I love both of your creations!
    Kristen :)

  2. Thanks, Kristen! They were really easy and I love looking at them...really brightens up the room.

  3. Hey! I LOVE your magazine holders! They look awesome! I did spray mine while they were laying down and not assembled which might have made a bit of a difference. As for the adhesive, I just used a plain ole scrapbook adhesive (Helmar tape runner). The spray adhesive is probably the best choice :) Thanks so much for showing me what you made. I will add your button to my blog post so others can see how they can adapt this idea for their use.
    Again - your project turned out wonderful and I love the cans too :)

  4. Thanks, Tammy! I get so many compliments on them. :) Thanks for stopping by!