Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Poem of the Week" Freebies!

At our school, our wonderful reading specialist provides a poem of the week every two weeks for both the primary and intermediate grades. She gathers poems and creates quick-writes to go along with them. The poems often have something to do with the season or an upcoming event/holiday. Each class works with the poems, and students hand in their work by noon on Thursdays. Then, our reading specialist chooses one primary and one intermediate students to share their response on our televised morning announcements. The kids all want to be picked, so they must make sure their responses are well thought out and well written.

 In addition to using the activities provided, I often use these poems for a myriad of other things: comprehension, practicing grammar skills, fluency homework, vocabulary instruction, etc. I have been given permission to share these wonderful poems and worksheets with you. Please see the links below, with topics in bold, to download the poems and activities.

Back to School:
Cleaning House in My Brain (Primary)
Cleaning House in My Brain (Intermediate)

Nightplayer (Primary)
Victory (Intermediate)

Autumn Time is Coming (Primary)
Autumn Fires (Intermediate)
Five Little Pumpkins (Primary)
Haunted House (Intermediate)

On the weeks that we do not have "Poem of the Week," our special educator provides us with "Math Masters." I am not a math teacher, but as soon as I get her permission, I will write about these as well because I believe them to be great resources for everyone...they sure do motivate our kids! 

How do you plan on using these poems in your classroom?

Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my art lesson/activity! I appreciate it a lot. I've looked around here and you have a great blog. I am a new follower!
    Thinking of Teaching

  2. Thanks! I have been following your blog since you posted about your "The Book Whisperer" book study on PT. In fact, I loved your blog so much that's why I decided to start mine :) Thanks for following me!