Monday, October 17, 2011

Shoot for Three!

Having trouble finding a way to get your students to put forth their best effort on written responses? (Let's be realistic, we have to do them and they aren't always the most fun for our little matter how hard we try.)

Here is how we motivate students at our school to do their best when completing "Brief Constructed Responses" (a.k.a. BCRs): 

We teach the students what every good BCR needs in order to earn all three points that they are worth. Then, whenever someone scores a three on their BCRs, they get to shoot a hoop. If a particular activity has more than one BCR and they score three points on each one, then the student gets to take that many shots. For example, if one of my kiddos get two threes on their test, they shoot twice. Whether they make the basket or not, they get to add a sticker to the sticker chart. If they make the basket, I give them an extra treat, like a piece of candy or a pencil...whatever I have on hand. 

The poster above the basket and sticker charts says:
"Shoot for Three

We shoot for 3 points when writing our BCRs!

What am I thinking? What have a read?
What's in the text? What's in my head?
Put them together and you will see...
Thoughtful readers earn a 3!"

I am not sure where the poem came from, so I can't take credit for it. However, I loved this idea when I came to my school, so I am sharing it with all of you! Enjoy!


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