Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Monday...What are YOU reading? 12/26/11

Hello again friends! With the busy holidays, had I had to pare down my reading goals last week. However, I did meet my goal of finishing the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy: Catching Fire. This book was fantastic and the ending left me hanging...so I IMMEDIATELY had to get the third book: Mockingjay. I thought when I finished the Harry Potter series, I was going to be lost. However, I am pleased that I was able to pick up this incredible trilogy to help me fill my Harry Potter void. I thoroughly enjoy these books, despite my prior belief that I was not a "SciFi" fan. (I guess I have my husband to thank for my new found interest in all things geeky.)

In addition to finishing Catching Fire and starting Mockingjay, I also read a couple of picture books. These books were accessed through NetGalley, a site which allows reviewers, educators, etc. to request Advanced Readers Copies (ARCs) of books to preview before they are published. All of the books are digital copies, which is quite convenient because you can download a lot and take them with you. I currently have 17 books that are awaiting me. 

The first picture book I read was Mooshka, A Quilt Story by Julie Paschkis. I really enjoyed the artwork in this book. Although it's not a folktale, it had the feel of one. The story is simple: A little girl named Karla loves the comfort she gets from her quilt made of fabric scraps. Each scrap represents an event in her family's history. However, when a new baby comes along, Karla passes on the stories and comfort of the quilt to her new sibling. It was very sweet.

The second one I read was The House on Dirty-Third Street by Jo S. Kittenger. I think a lot of children will relate to this story. It is about a girl and her mother moving into a new home, but the home is in serious need of some TLC. At first, the girl is upset and never thinks it will feel like home. But, with some help from their community, it becomes the house of their dreams. I liked the art in this book as well. I read that they were originally photographs that were turned into illustrations. This is a neat concept and made the illustrations that much more interesting.

Well, that's it for how! I am planning on finishing Mockingjay this week and moving on to another book that I have hear a lot of great things about... Monster Calls. Now that I am enjoying my Winter Break, I may be able to read quite a bit more.

What are YOU reading this week?


  1. Oh, heavens, I have a bunch of Netgalley ARCS waiting for me, too. Have to get through my physical pile from the library first ... they have quicker due dates! Glad to know it's not just me!

    PS I love the owls!

  2. I love NetGalley! I wasn't sure if a lot of publishers would accept my requests, but I think all of them did. So awesome!

  3. I can't wait to read The Hunger Games trilogy-bought it from scholastic. :) I read The Future of Us, Breadcrumbs, Bigger Than a Breadbox, and A Monster Calls and LOTS of picture books and young reader books!!!!!

    I just joined NetGalley last night and need to put in some requests. How long did it take for you to get an ARC?


  4. Hi Shannon,
    Some were instantaneous, but it took about a week to get all the ones I had asked for access to. At least, I think all of my requests were granted. I hope the publishers don't mind waiting a while for my reviews though...as a teacher I can only accomplish so many things within each day! :)

  5. Yeah, our time is soooooo limited!:)