Friday, December 2, 2011

It's a Bloggy Blog World!

This week, I had the most fun blogging with my students! Blogs are a fantastic resource because the kids forget they are "writing", therefore they enjoy it a whole lot more than when we whip out the pencils and paper! We have used blogs in the past to post book reviews and discuss stories, but this week we worked on expressing ourselves by playing "Three Truths and a Lie" in the blogging world. 

For our class blog, I use KidBlog. It's specifically designed for teachers to use with students. You can control comments and settings, which I feel is very important. 

The assignment for this blogging session was created by our Tech Integration Teacher (so lucky to have one!). We discussed the importance of choosing truths that were very unique and outrageous to match an outrageous lie, or picking a lie that sounded believable enough to be true and fit in with more "normal" truths. The kids did a great job! 

The kicker was that when they finished their own post, they then had to comment on at least five other blog posts. In their comments, students were told to single out the false statement and explain why they thought it wasn't true using thoughtful reasoning. 

Here are some of my favorite posts:



I joined in on the fun, too! Here is a screen shot of my post:


Not to brag, but I got the most comments! :) Once the kids get five or more comments on their posts, they are allowed to reveal the "falsehood" (yay vocabulary!). Can you guess which one was mine?


  1. Hi Mrs. P!

    This sounds awesome! I would love to do this with my kiddos!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I have been using blogs too with my book clubs and the kids absolutely love them! Isn't technology just wonderful? Well, at least when it cooperates!

    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  3. It's for the first time that I ever came across something like this... Blogging for the kids is a wonderful concept... Not only it is a fun way to learn for them but also an introduction to media and technology at an early age... This is really appreciable!

  4. Katie, how do you use them with book clubs? I am always interested in more ideas!

  5. I am giving you a blog award! come on over and check it out!!